Meet Anon; caveman, loser, speciesist, weeb, transfer student, teen.

Experience his life as the new transfer student at a predominantly dinosaur populated highschool well outside his social standings. Watch as he fumbles his way through the day to day struggles of teenage angst, personal secrets, financial woes and interpersonal politics. Help him figure out what maturity really means as he’s violently pulled from his comfort zone by his new friends.

This is a story where you need to get over yourself. Hint fucking hint.

Meet Fang: Pterodactyl, Social Pariah, undiagnosed mental patient, musician, cute snoot

The first person to really intrigue Anon, circumstances seems to push them together. Moody and aggressive on good days, beneath it all lies a young adult trying to find something in their life to no avail. The only thing Fang knows for certain is their own love of playing music.

Meet Reed: Velociraptor, drummer, AnCap

Stoned 25 hours a day and possibly the dictionary picture for ‘Flow with the go’, Reed is the drummer, lyricist and technician of VVURM DRAMA. 1 minute Reed will be able to read the room so well people think he’s a mind reader, the next he’ll be on a tangent that only Reed would be able to follow.

Meet Trish: Triceratops, bassist, possibly speciesist

A strong independent dinosaur that needs no man, Trish is constantly pushing the band to new heights with horrible ideas. Fang’s oldest friend, Anon and Trish do not get on well, but Trish tolerates the skinny for Fang’s sake and Anon is Anon and doesn’t want to bother dealing with it and her.

Meet Naomi: Parasaurolophus, Class President, Violently Pink

Anon’s welcoming committee and general pain in his ass. Her overly cheery attitude irks Anon, which only makes it worse as she forcibly shoves herself into Anon’s life.

Meet Naser: Pterodactyl, Honor Student, Athlete, Bad with words

Fang’s gifted younger brother and a guy that genuinely means well. Sadly a tad bit naive and liable to say or do the wrong thing.

Meet Rosa: Ankylosaur, Gardener, Pious

Head of the schools gardening club and devout follower of the word of Raptor Jesus. Rosa’s sincerity towards the good cavepainting means she’s never mad at you, just severely disappointed.

Meet Stella: Stegosaurus, Occultist, Socially Awkward

And out and out weeb that’s greatly interested in the future. She tries to act as a mysterious and aloof fortune teller to little success, she’s still endearing and happy to just be here.