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Snoot Game

The Pre-historic Romance a million years in MS Paint to tell

You play as Anon, a lonely, faceless, nobody, reject who finds himself in the dinosaur themed acid trip of a school named Volcano High. Here Anon meets the qt ptero known as Fang and their clown-vomit colored posse of reject friends and other associated thorns-in-the-side. All of whom, you can read about here.



Source Code

This game is Free Software and thus has an open code base for you to use, share, and enjoy. This code base is hosted on Gitea and can be found here.


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For our own lawful protection, we only provide the legal section in English.

This game is a fair use protected parody of another game called Goodbye Volcano High. This game is being developed by Canadian game studio KO_OP and Snoot Game (besides in parody) IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO Goodbye Volcano High or KO_OP. This game was developed as a critique of Goodbye Volcano High's characters will likely have little to no financial impact on Goodbye Volcano High's future sales. We hope that any legal entity who wishes to pursue action understands these facts before doing so as we are (insofar as our understanding) protected under 17 U.S. Code § 107's limitations on exclusive rights as it pertains to copyright.

Of note for our users, the game and its assets are under a number of Free Culture Licenses with the most notable being the GNU AGPLv3 for code and the CC-BY-SA 4.0 for the assets. The full LICENSE file that should have came with your copy of Snoot Game can be found here.

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